Dr. Rick Stevenson

Lessons learned from two decades of private one-on-one interviewing




Did anyone ever say to you, “Enjoy high school—these are the best years of your life!”?  Remember the feeling of panic that came over you thinking, “You’re kidding. This is it?”

Chances are, you are now saying the same thing to your kids. When did you drink the Kool-Aid?

Remembering the truth of what it’s like to be a kid is vital because most of us are stuck in some phase of arrested development, and we can thank something traumatic that happened to us during that period. Do you know what that trauma was for you and how it has affected who you are today?   Understand where you got stuck and free yourself to be the parent and adult you are meant to be.


What Rick has done has had a profound impact on our son. It has enabled him to really open up, reflect and think deeply about life, his hopes and dreams, the fears, and pressures that children are faced with as they grow up in todays society, becoming more aware of himself and who he really is. It has built his self confidence, his willingness to take on new challenges and make important decisions giving him positive self direction. We are so grateful that our son has had the opportunity to be a part of this incredible project which I feel would benefit every child.
— K. D.
I’ve only read the first couple chapters of “21 Things You Forgot About Being a Kid” but I’ve been following what Rick has been doing for years now through The 5000 Days Project and can’t wait for the full read to learn more about what he has discovered.
— D.L.

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